Friday, January 24, 2014

Eman's Book Review: Laravel Application Development Blueprints

The awesome people at Packt Publishing has given me a copy of the book "Laravel Application Development Blueprints", which is is a book that shows you how you can build 10 different kinds of web applications.

I should say this book would not be geared at those just learning the framework. While the author does go in detail on how he obtains the copy of laravel and setup each application, I think knowing the core fundamentals will better help you understand the book.

The book is of the recipe type of programming books, its doesn't really teach you so much about laravel but more of show you how to build certain applications using the laravel framework.

The book shows you how to create the following type of web applications:
  •  a URL Shortener Website
  •  a To-do List with Ajax
  •  Image Sharing Website
  •  a Personal Blog
  •  a News Aggregation Website
  •  a Photo Gallery System
  •  a Newsletter System
  •  Q&A Web Application
  •  RESTful API
  •  an E-Commerce Website
I have seen other reviews and people have complained about poor/buggy code, honestly if you're reading this book to simply copy & paste code your reading the book for the wrong reason. The point of the book is to show you how to build a common web application, while I agree the code bugs could have been better checked, that's why they have a error section on the book's website.

I thin k this is an awesome book and it did help me with building a blog and a photo gallery, which were two things I wanted to build for a website I'm working on, it helped direct me towards an idea on building them.

The final chapter on E-Commerce, I wish the author dived in that a bit deeper, but maybe someone else can write a more detailed book on the subject.

If I had to place a score of this book I'd say I give it 4/5 stars.

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